ICBC Rebates 

 February 4, 2021

By  Jennifer

ICBC and the province have recently announced a Covid-19 rebate. The ICBC rebate was announced February 2nd and customers will see the rebate as early as late March. This is in addition to the upcoming May 1st premium reduction of an average of 20%. 

Bills and coins around a piggy bank represent ICBC rebate

Most policy-holders who had an active policy between April and September of 2020 will be eligible for the rebate. The rebate reflects the savings ICBC realized while many drivers stayed home due to Covid-19 restrictions. The average ICBC rebate will be about $190, but individual amounts will vary between $50 and $300. 

There is no special application for customers to receive the rebate. ICBC will be distributing them automatically by cheque to customers. If you have moved, it is important to visit an Autoplan Broker to update your mailing address. You can stop by one of our locations or check our website to find out how to do a remote transaction. If you have more questions about the ICBC rebate, or the upcoming changes to Enhanced Care, one of our brokers will be happy to discuss them with you.

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