ICBC Transactions by Phone and Email

ICBC has implemented a continuity plan to allow business to continue in the extraordinary circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are temporarily offering ICBC transactions by phone & email. This page will outline what transactions we can perform and which ones are unavailable. ICBC is updating these guidelines as time permits. Please check back for updates as different transactions may become possible at a later date. Due to COVID-19…

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ICBC Autoplan Insurance in Cloverdale

Our Update on COVID-19

As the pandemic situation evolves, we want to take a moment to assure our customers that we take the health and safety of our customers and employees seriously.  We are taking steps to increase cleaning at each of our office locations. We are also encouraging our employees to take precautions and self-isolate if they are sick or come in to contact with anyone with COVID-19. At this time all our…

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Driver Factor Discount Comparison

Driver Factor Discount

What Happened to My Discount? With all the changes that have happened, some people think that they are no longer getting any kind of discount. The good news is that is not true. ICBC still rewards experienced and claim-free drivers with discounts on their insurance rates. The discount system has undergone some changes. Before you had a CRS level and now you have an Individual Driver Factor. They both provide…

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Listing Drivers

Listing Drivers One of the biggest changes to the way ICBC policies work is that vehicle owners are now listing drivers–all drivers–not just the principal operator. By listing all the household members, employees, and other drivers who will regularly operate the car, ICBC can calculate the risk more accurately and charge the right price for the actual risk they present. Listing drivers is a practice that many private insurers already…

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A hand writing the word change with a loading bar beneath - changes to insurance

Changes to Insurance

Changes to Insurance You may have heard there are changes to insurance in BC! Here at Peter F. Pook Insurance Agencies, we are facing these changes to insurance alongside our customers. Not just with auto insurance, but also changes to how customers expect to get information. We aren’t changing our dedication to customer service. In fact, we are branching out online in order to bring you even more information about…

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All offices are now open for walk-in insurance. We can still do renewals by phone or email. Click here to learn more.