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Our North Surrey office is located inside the Central City Mall, on the lower level near Boston Pizza. We are conveniently located near SFU Surrey, the Surrey Public Rec Centre, the Public Library, and City Hall.

Family Owned = Quality Service

Peter Pook Insurance has provided ICBC Autoplan Insurance in Surrey since 1973, when ICBC was first created. However, our history with car insurance spans all the way back to 1959 when Peter first started the insurance brokerage. Our company has provided knowledgable car and truck insurance advice to our clients ever since.

Peter Pook Insurance is a trusted source for ICBC Autoplan insurance in Surrey for over four decades helping our loyal clientele with ICBC renewals, transfers of ownership, changes to policy coverage, insurance advice and everything else ICBC offers. We can help with personal and commercial policies.

As a local family-owned and operated business, you'll experience a level of insurance service that is hard to find in this modern day world.

Wide range of Insurance products to choose from

We specialize in personal insurance

ICBC Autoplan

We offer all ICBC car and truck insurance services at our Surrey ICBC Autoplan insurance office. We can help with commercial fleets, personal vehicles, new car purchases, collector cars, and more! Our team has decades of experience to help you!

Home Insurance

Here at Peter Pook Insurance we have been helping homeowners insure their homes since the 1950s! We have thousands of happy customers who have trusted us with their home insurance policies for decades! Come see us today!

Condo Insurance

With more and more people moving into condominiums, it's important to find an insurance broker who understands the intricacies of insuring a building with a strata involved. Come see us today for expert advice on condominium insurance.

Travel Insurance

As the world begins to reopen to international tourism, you will want to guarantee your medical expenses are covered by insurance in case you become ill outside of the province. We can help you select the right travel insurance for your trip.

No Commissions, No Sales Pressure

Unlike most insurance brokers, we do not pay our employees commissions. Instead, we’ve opted to pay our employees an above average salary so they can focus on delivering an outstanding customer service experience with expert insurance advice, without worrying about how it will affect their commissions.

Why does this matter to you?

You can rest assured knowing that our agents will give you the right advice for your unique situation without any pressure to sell you on more insurance than you need. Our agents will provide knowledgable advice without any hidden incentives to make more money from upselling you.

Renew ICBC Insurance Online

Can't visit our office? During Covid we are offering online ICBC insurance renewals and changes. Simply complete our short form and the next available agent will contact you.

Important New ICBC Changes

As of May 1st, 2021, ICBC made some major changes to the BC vehicle insurance system.

ICBC Income Top Up

Under ICBC's new Enhanced Care model, BC drivers can no longer sue one another for injuries resulting in lost wages. Instead, ICBC provides income coverage for all injured parties up to 90% of what you would make if you were able to work. However, they have a cap on income coverage at $100,000 per year of gross income (before income tax). If you or any of your drivers earn more than $100,000 / year, then we recommend purchasing ICBC's Income Top Up Policy to cover the additional income above $100K.

Hit & Run Coverage Changes

Hit & run coverage is no longer included with basic insurance plans. Most drivers are unaffected by this change because if you have Collision coverage on your car, then Hit & Run coverage is included and the deductible is equal to your collision deductible. If you do not have collision coverage, then you can purchase Hit & Run coverage separately with a $750 deductible. Ask an agent if you have any questions.

Uber, Lyft, & Peer-to-Peer Rentals

If you are operating your car for Uber or Lyft transportation services, doing food delivery via Skip the Dishes, Uber Eats, or an alternative app, or renting your car out to other individuals on peer-to-peer vehicle rental websites such as Turo, then you may need more insurance. We can help you properly insure your vehicle so that you don't run into trouble in the event of a claim.

Basic Insurance Requirements in BC

In order to legally drive a motor vehicle on a road or highway in British Columbia, every passenger and commercial vehicle must be insured with ICBC for a minimum of $200,000 in liability insurance. This means that if you were to cause an accident, any other party’s involved are covered up to $200,000 in damages.

This $200,000 is used only if you are at fault in the accident and it helps to cover the cost of other people’s bodily injuries, damage to other’s property or vehicles, and the cost of legal services.

In addition to third-party liability, ICBC's Basic Insurance coverage provides:

  • Accident Benefits and medical coverage up to $300,000 per person
  • Underinsured Motorist Protection up to $1 million per person
  • Basic Vehicle Damage up to $200,000 if other driver is responsible.
  • Inverse Liability Coverage – If you’re in an accident where the local laws don’t let you make a claim against the at-fault party, you’re covered under the inverse liability coverage (in Canada and the U.S).

Optional Insurance Coverage

You must have basic insurance to drive on a highway in BC, however this coverage is often not enough. We recommend purchasing optional insurance to protect your personal assets in the event of a major accident.

Optional insurance coverage includes third-party liability ranging from $300K to $5 million maximum, collision coverage to protect your car in case of a crash, and comprehensive coverage to protect your asset in the event of fire, theft, vandalism etc.

There are more optional coverage options that we can explore with you in person.

How Do Deductibles Work?

An insurance deductible is the amount that the insured individual must pay when making a claim.

For example, you must pay the first $300 of a collision claim if your deductible is $300. If your deductible is set to $1000, then you must pay $1000 in the event of a claim.

The benefit to choosing a higher deductible is your monthly insurance payment will go down. The disadvantage is you will have to fork over $1000 before your car gets fixed.

Deductibles are a tool insurance companies use to minimize small claims on insurance policies and to be able to offer insurance coverage at different price points depending on the customers budget.

What deductible options are available?

  • $300
  • $500
  • $1000
  • $2500

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring to renew my ICBC Insurance?

To renew your ICBC insurance, simply bring your BC Drivers License or your “Notice To Renew” letter from ICBC into our office and we’ll take care of the rest.

Do you offer private auto insurance?

No, at Peter Pook Insurance we only offer ICBC Autoplan insurance for cars and trucks. Many private insurers have actually left the province after ICBC transitioned to the Enhanced Care model. We do offer private insurance for motorcycles, off-road vehicles, travel trailers, etc., but not cars and trucks.

What do I need to buy or sell a car?

In order to legally transfer vehicle ownership, the new buyer must be present in our office and bring the following 4 things:

  1. Government Issued Photo ID (2 pieces)
  2. Signed Transfer Paper (signed by seller & buyer)
  3. Signed Vehicle Registration (signed by seller)
  4. Payment Method (Void cheque for monthly payments, or credit, debit, cash, cheque)

How much tax do I need to pay on a new or used car?

Tax on all new and used cars is 12% if the sale value is under $55,000. If your new or used vehicle costs more than $55,000, then you will need to pay an additional ‘luxury tax’ that varies based on purchase price. The higher the price, the higher the percentage on tax.

Where does my car insurance cover me?

Your ICBC Autoplan insurance covers you and your vehicle anywhere in Canada or the United States. Mexico and overseas countries are not covered.

Renew ICBC Insurance Online

Can't visit our office? During Covid we are offering online ICBC insurance renewals & policy changes. Simply complete our short form and the next available agent will contact you shortly.